Newborn Photography North Wales: Safety First

WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU GET!!! As I am so OTT about baby safety, I thought it would be a good idea to share briefly how some images are done, with this being the first. However, newborn poses should not be attempted without having professional newborn training as there are so many H&S aspects that need to be known beyond what I am touching on here. So what is a composite image? A composite, is an image created from several images to make one final image. In image one, the baby is being put into position for what’s known as the ‘froggy’ pose. Images two and three are edited and combined for the final image. Therefore, image four is not real, but gives the illusion that baby is supporting himself for this pose. For this image to be created, baby is supported at all times. Baby safety should never be compromised to create a pose and poses like this should not be attempted at home but should be done by an expert only. I hope to write a few more detailed blogs on baby safety, so do keep an eye out if this is something that interested you, thanks for listening. Rachel x