Firstly, we would like to thank you for choosing Rachel Sian Photography as a means to invest in your family portraiture. We are delighted that you like our work. Please note that sessions may be a little different during lockdown – please ask for details. If you are looking for information on wedding photography, please visit our wedding menu https://www.rachelsianphotography.com/weddings/

  1. View our portfolio and pricing: Ensure we are the right studio for you! Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements before you decide to book. You could give us a call or make an appointment to drop by our studio for a brew and a friendly chat. We also ask that you view our full pricing brochure before booking your session, which can be requested via our contact page.
  2. Book your session: Your session fee is due at time of booking.
  3. Pre-consultation: In-person or on the phone to discuss your home décor and preferences so that we can design your session to match your own personal style. You may also wish to request the use of certain props you think would complement your style/ home décor.
  4. Relax: Whilst your photographer plans out your unique session.
  5. Contact us: If you have booked a newborn session, drop us a quick text or call upon baby’s arrival to let us know. Then we can confirm the date and prepare for your little one’s session.
  6. Relax at your session: General portraits are around one hour (approximately 20 minutes to help you and your family to feel relaxed before we take photos) and for newborns around 2-4 hours as sessions are baby-led and not to be rushed. Bring plenty of milk to ensure a smooth sleepy session. Browse through our studio albums and enjoy this special time.
  7. Enjoy your ordering appointment: Every one of your photos will be carefully edited to a high professional standard when purchased to allow you to print any photo to any size, attention to detail is our expertise. At your viewing sessions there will be approximately 30 final images for you to view via our slideshow viewing. All orders are to be placed and paid for in full at this appointment. If you feel you may like to pay in instalments, please discuss this before booking, however due to the custom nature of the business, no orders are placed until full payments are received. If for any reason you are not able to place an order at your order session, your photos will be archived for 6 months and an archival fee of £39 will be due upon retrieving them.
  8. Receive your order: ‘WOW’ your friends and family with your beautiful portraiture products and cherish them forever!!! Order delivery time depends on what you have ordered and can take between 1-4 weeks.
  9. Keep in touch: Due to the personal nature of our type of portraiture, we take great pride in having built a strong relationship with you and would love to keep in touch. We would love to invite you in our VIP Facebook group where you will be first to hear of any special offers and model calls.